Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: After logging in I viewed reports, then walked away from my computer for a while.
When I returned and tried to access a report, I was returned to the Login page.
Why does it do that?
ANSWER:  Your website session expires after a few minutes of inactivity.  For security
reasons, you are required to supply credentials after a few minutes of inactivity.

QUESTION: I can change report parameters at the top of some reports, but when I do,
the page turns blank.  How can I see my data?
ANSWER:  After changing parameters, click the 'View Report' button in the upper right-hand
corner of the page.

QUESTION:  I need to scroll to view large reports, but the scroll bars don't seem to reach the
entire report.  How can I scroll to see the ENTIRE report?
ANSWER:  Large reports use multiple scroll bars.  One set belongs to your browser and is the
outer set.  The other inner set of scrollbars belongs to the report itself and is visible when the
browser window is maximized.

QUESTION:  I see how to view my reports, but how can I download a copy?
ANSWER:  Near the top of each report is a browser toolbar that provides page selection,
magnification, searching, exporting and printing.  The Export function is used for downloading.
First, select an export format, then click, 'Export.'

QUESTION:  I seem to have become locked out of my account.  How can I gain access
to my account again?
ANSWER: As part of Windows security, an account will become locked after several
unsucsessful login attempts.  This keeps hackers from trying a lot of different passwords
in order to gain entry to your account.  Please contact Technical Support if you need your account unlocked.

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